Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 250 Versi Hornet

Brain inspiring new builder. As Budi Udin Fakkar from Jatayu Motor Sport (JMS). Can ideas from prototype Honda Hornet 600 modif version from the internet. Tracked from the site of Switzerland's Honda presents a variety of prototypes and design of the iron horse.
Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 250Gambar Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 250

slightly deviated from the vacuum Honda Hornet 600 standard version. The most striking legs and body changed. Sok upside-down front and a single swing arm. Also, the tapering tail of MotoGP racing

Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 250
Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 250
Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 250
Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 250
And design headlights. Rada unique and still rare. Brief as the output for racehorses Acerbis motocross. Nuanced fierce because carbon-painted motifs.
Cover the body was painted black. Brief look stiff. Deliberately designed to contrast with the striking color of silver under the framework.
Not escape, like a contrived hood Hornet modif version. Also muzzle exhaust cut bamboo models.


KALIPER front: Brembo 4 piston Brembo master
KALIPER back: Nissin 2 piston Nissin brake master
Front disc: 300 mm
Cakarm back: 240 mm
Sok front: GSXR400 Showa
Sok back: Showa
Swing-arm: Pro-arm VFR 400
Footstep: Copy of the Honda CBR400
Front rim: Enkei 3.50 x17
Front tires: Pireli 120/60-17
Rear rim: Enkei 4.50 x18
Rear tires: Pireli 160/60-17
Handlebar: Kawasaki Ninja, Yamaha FZR Raiser
Closed tank: Kawak Ninja
Deltaboks: Fiberglass
Fairing: Acerbis
Speedometer: Suzuki Bandit
Headlights: Acerbis
Windshield: Acerbis
Body rear: JMS Design
Stirrup back: Suzuki Thunder
Taillights: Honda CBR150
Hood: JMS Design

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