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Modifikasi Keren Honda Supra X 125

Still repeat the triumph of last with the launching of the product was popular with a new glance, if not careful could be the rather interesting attention of boomerang. In spite of the risk, the effort is still made with wing of berlambang of manufacturer of motor bike Honda red, in order to maintain the reputation of a support supra principal X 125 of product.

Later, the pint Astra Honda circulate in the car (AHM) are ceaseless launched alternatives of means-incentive of news with the minor modification or look at it simply (gone up face). After the alternatives of launching adapt X a certain back of time, turn now in new X supra that 125 series are alleged to have new a company and sharp of design saturdays (8/9) with Bandung.

Not only one product which was launched in the city of the flowers, but two types X supra 125 at the same time, namely this system of injection of carry out of technology (PGM-FI) and the carburetor. Indeed, both only one elevator of face in terms of aspect, but with an engine of execution which was shown in the preceding products, will of AHM remain optimistic more the products.

We do not confuse the elevator of face of limit, but in a more important way we try to meet the consumer than the desire by both our product is, marketing director of pint AHM Johannes Loman.

Change, maintaining with the factory is the designer of 125 DC and seems more in agreement with the sporting spirit this young rider like themselves. Devices which are obvious on the elevator operating system of face with the double of multireflector of lighting of bulb (double bulb).

Lights before Centre and design of just lighting of twilight with the body which looks at more slender than older models and the additional disc brake for the aft wheel (a special standard of frame of wheel) for the factor of safety while leading.

Although it does not change posting, follow-up of a change of configuration of engine, the technology offered on a motor bike to the pedestrian is classified, although one of the alternatives, Honda X supra 125 PGM-FI, now has the technology of injection of carry out . Moreover, the technology of injection on a motor bike which had been previously presented including/understanding Honda is not popular among consumers, in addition to the test results which were made a certain publication of the motor vehicles does not provide the differences in execution and of effectiveness are significant.

As ducks of a motor bike of injection of precursor in Indonesia, the model is always based on technology, modulates it of electronic order (electronic countermeasure), which is identical that the preceding model. The electronic countermeasure is alleged to improve the effectiveness of fuel consumption, because the number of hours and the supply out of fuel are placed with the precision the suitable machine of covering of conditions.

Models X supra 125 PGM fi can produce 7% of fuel consumption is better than the carburetor supra of X 125, and 36% better in comparison with Duck of 100 DC, say the managing director and engineering services AHM Tedjo Siswayo.

Not only that, electronic countermeasure also functions like safety of support of driver of instrument. When the engine in position inclining 55 degrees in time more than 5 seconds, the electronic countermeasure will cease functioning of the injector, the igniter coil and the petrol station, so that the motor bike dies automatically.

However, on the one hand, this device could be a boomerang for the producers not to include/understand consumers due to the system and how that functions. What, if the consumer incline the engine of bicycle accidentally, practical probes which will turn off the engine. In fact, the broad exceptional belief in the user name of mailing list suggest that to avoid technology and the motor bike seemed to be "wet".

While waiting, to supervise the electronic systems work, the spedometer of panel equipped with the indicator of malfunction (millet). The indicator of indication will flicker if an interruption occurs. For example, if there is a flickering of light not less seven times faster, indicating that damage in the temperature sensor of the oil of the engine.

Examine the turn of the media Indonesia, Wednesday (12/9) in the sector of the golf Cimanggis Depok de Bukit, the motor bike will be easy to fold distortion-to block in the medium as well as in the town of mother. Moreover, with the operation of the transmission speed which is easy and sensitive.

In each round of each level in the word rate, the power can be realized with the optimal one. In one to three teeth, speed reached 100 kilometers in little time.

New X supra 125 PGM-FI in Rp15, 7 million, while for the fingers type of rim of carburetor Rp13 offered, 6 million, and Rp14, was juicy 6 (rim packing).

By the presence of a motor bike with a new elevator of strategy the face, trying to unify the AHM with quality and marks which are not independently of the model. Provided that, the elevator of face of strategy later this Honda is not a boomerang, because it simply as a solution of saving in face of strategy only for the resolution of the problems or shame of prevention so that Honda overcomes the competition of in the future in sales of motor bike in duck of Indonesia.

Modified of Honda Supra X 125 Picture collections:

Modifikasi Honda Supra X 125
Modifikasi Honda Supra X 125
Modifikasi Honda Supra X 125
Modifikasi Honda Supra X 125

Honda Blade Fighter Modification

Many faithful fans at the Honda hopes Indonesia, attendance at the Blade will bring fresh wind came with a more sophisticated technology, the fuel injection system such as twin relatives in Thailand, the CZ-i 110 or i-Click. In fact, Blade still rely carburetor.

Blade and figures exactly match the CZ-i which was launched in Thailand, July. It appears that the design of the body, lights, close the handlebar, seat and muffler. If there is any different, is the outside layer of the wheels and muffler. If the CZ-i is still on the rim fingers, using the Blade "cast wheel or rim sport. While the graphics are still basically the same shape, but a combination of different colors.

Because it is still on the carburettor, while the questions and answers between the journalist with the management of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), the first questions that arise: "Why Honda does not use the injection system on the Blade, as the same product in Thailand?". Best of dilontarkan Johannes Loman, Marketing Director of PT AHM is, "With the price of carburettor Blade, more competitive and affordable for the majority of Indonesian consumers."

For this newest product, AHM offer price of Rp 13.5 million (on the road) to and around Jakarta. Far more affordable than the SupraX 125 PGM-FI offered Rp Rp 16.1 at this time. Blade prices almost near Supra X 125R rim with standard (not "cast wheel").

Because the position is between Blade REVO (100 cc) and the Supra X 125R (125 cc), as the AHM mengategorikannya total new product segment with the new.

Attraction Blade is a more sproty look almost the same as CS (City Sport). This is visible from the front of the design and placement. In the Blade, the lamp is no longer on the front of the bar, but in the "hood" or the front wing. In this way, the front and not sein turn with the handlebar when moved to the right or left. Lights together with the front of this light sein located on both sides.

Fender form or sepatbor front also different. Honda rate of more sporty and stylish. Design of the taillights is a combination of style with white and red. Design duck this product compared with the Honda is the position of the handlebar bend into. Honda-style call "racing". With this, it is expected that, for the motor at this young child, will be easy to maneuver on the curve.

Blade is a result of the framework of the new design. According to Honda, the framework is more robust and tailored to the abilities or performance of the engine more ferocious than the Fit or the REVO.

At the front, between the seats with the bar, given a "cover" or closed position with a higher than normal duck. Similar to that used in the Suzuki Arashi and Yamaha Jupiter MX.
Additional protective machine is located right next to the form of small iron stick in folding and installed near Footstep. Muffler, the muffler on the coated colors designed with oval shape. To prevent the wheels stop rotating when the chain dislodged, Honda complete with stopper.

Machine - To power source, using the Honda SOHC engine with a capacity of 109.1 cc. Energy produced reaches 8.46 PS @ 7500 rpm and torsi 0.86 kgf-m @ 5500 rpm. Thus, its performance is between the REVO and Supra 125.
However, according to K. Fujihara, Leader R & D Honda, Blade 5% more economical than REVO. This is because the engine can be obtained Blade is a new generation of Honda. This machine is rubbing some of its components is lower than other Honda engines. Between piston and rocker arm (valve trigger), the form of a cylinder "off-set", with the piston spray oil reversed, wight a more light and anti-scratch. With development, the fuel consumption in addition to more economical, Honda claims this engine Blade environmentally friendly or meet Euro-2 standard.

Honda Blade Fighter Modification :
Honda Blade Fighter Modification
Honda Blade Fighter Modification
Honda Blade Fighter Modification