Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gambar Modifikasi honda Icon

This icon modifikasi honda, his body in the design of nuance sport thick. Visible on the back of the cultivated tapering like MotoGP. Especially after the two exchanged a tire tread width. Eventually the smell of motor sport became increasingly strong smell.

 Modifikasi honda Icon
While elements of the technology disclosed in the application of some memorable parts sophisticated design. Suppose that the flue gas channel is formed of silencernya triangle, then the sides were given the lattice like a shark respiratory tract. Then the construction of the original rear monosok up, changed sleep. Not to mention the addition of arm on the right side rear wheel fender designed wheels together. honda motorcycle icon modification is the result of Honda Thailand AP offerings. Come on display in their boots in the carpet 29th Bangkok International Motor Show

 Modifikasi honda IconThailand Honda Icon Nice Modified

 Modifikasi honda IconHonda ICON Modifies for Football EURO 2008 by Thai modifies shop

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