Saturday, August 1, 2009

Minerva Sachs Megelli Supermato 250 CC

Minerva Megelli  250 CCGambar|Foto Minerva Sachs Megelli Supermato 250 CC

Minerva Sachs Megelli Sport 250 CC engines using German-made machine Sachs's famous design, but very powerful motor will perform a brand adopted MEGELLI said that good design matters in motor sport.

Designer MEGELLI, is a designer motorcycle motor sport world, such as Ducati and TRIUMPH. Indonesia own is the first country in the ASEAN market where the product launch of this type (Minerva Sachs Megelli Sport 250 CC), after the previous area for the same product ASIA officially launched in South Korea.

selling price, "Minerva Sachs 250" is very competitive because the product is directly produced in Indonesia. Gynecology local components (local content) product was 15% and reach for the future information will be increased to 30%.

Selling price OTR (on the road) in the Jakarta area for the three types of variants are:
1. Type 250 R = Rp.28, 9 million
2. Type 250 S = Rp.25, 9 million
3. Type 250 M = Rp.26, 9 million

Motor "Minerva Sachs 250" motor is a variant on the 250 CC class that has many advantages including: design MEGELLI Europe UNITED KINGDOM, equipped with Euro III emissions standard motor, so this is friendly to the environment.

Minerva Megelli  250 CC
Minerva Megelli  250 CC
Minerva Megelli  250 CC

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