Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Modifikasi Honda Blade Probolinggo, Jawa Timur


If you see a glimpse of his work on the body is special. Although it was an OEM's look good, make Budiono still in modif again. "Bodywork was inspired by CBR600, because dynamic and sporty really," said Adi, Lent Modified.oto2. this honda blade By Adi, all in the combo fibertrend, from the front mask, fairing side panels to the stern. One thing, precision and installation of hollow body are concerned by it. "Origin of pairs without a clear concept of his lack of good results, because it took him a month working on," he added. Still in the headlights also reserving the disemoke Orsi and contrived so characteristic narrow Blade uncovered. One thing, this rear body plus a tiny windshield, extending to the side and ends in sidecover nungging stern. Finish, white screen with a little graphic.

Modifikasi Honda BladeUndercarriage Honda Blade Modif pic

Modifikasi Honda BladeModifikasi Honda Blade

SOK DEPAN : Gasoli Custom, CAKRAM DPN : PSM Dobel disc, MASTER/KALIPER : Brembo 2 piston, SWING ARM : NSR-SP, SOK BLK : NSR-SP, CAKRAM BLK : Nissin, PELEK DPN : Power 250-17, BAN BLK : Orsi NSR-SP, BAN DPN : Battlax 110-70-17, BAN BLK : Battlax 120-170-17, BODYPART : Custom, FOOTPEG : Yoshimura, EPOXY/CAT/CLEAR : Suzuka/Danagloss/Sikkens, MODIFIKATOR : Lent Modified Jl. Sukarno Hatta 93 Probolinggo, HP : 081332111248, BIAYA MODIF : Rp 27 jutaan, LAMA MODIF : 1 bulan.

Modifikasi Honda BladeHonda Blade GP motor sport stile Modifikasi

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