Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Modifikasi Honda Vario - Velg Daihatsu Xenia

Modifikasi Honda Vario Honda Vario Midification - Velg Daihatsu Xenia pic

Want to be ogled or motorcycle to the attention when driving, do not have to be modified extreme. With simple gloss can be seen beautiful. Like Honda's 2007 vario Raiz in Cengkareng, West Jakarta. In addition to color and play more sporty skubek contrived. Concept is simple, but obviously this does not complicate the pemodifikator, Robby Mangolang from Studio 9 in Cileduk, Tangerang. Contrived Vario sporty body, like a car using the front and rear spoiler.

adding a body kit on the front cover side and body side is more futuristic than artificial fiberglass with additional sharp lines. Moreover, the use of the rear wheels using Daihatsu Xenia car rim. 5.5-inch rim size is equipped custom specer and more contrived. "Use of specer to rim and tire is not fixed and the engine crankcase as well as aligning with the body," Robby reasons. Color selection make modifications become more eviden

Gambar Modifikasi Honda Vario

Modifikasi Honda Vario
Modifikasi Honda VarioHONDA VARIO Modif 2008 Pic

Modifikasi Honda Vario
Modifikasi Honda VarioGambar Modifikasi Honda Vario 2007

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