Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Modifikasi Yamaha mio - Air Brush

 Tarakan Yamaha mio Modification Modifikasi Yamaha mio Tarakan pic

To modify the motor usually requires funds at least USD 5 million. But for Andrew, residents of Tarakan Iron Bridge, he only took out pockets of around Rp 3 million for its Mio.

changes made seemingly occurred in almost all body motor. Not if considered in detail, Andi just do reforms in the sector's legs. As for the body, just painted plain white and red shades. "Her legs I deliberately make 'fat' tire wear rather large," said the count Wahyo FDR tire rim mated to a product labeled Haichi 160x14 Thailand.

Ciet device, must be replaced the same width. PSM disc so the final choice, the more grip thanks to Brembo KALIPER sector mounted on the bow and stern. "Especially for the feet, maybe up USD 2 million," the moment I Wahyo Tarakan Automotive Show contest and managed to snatch champion in the class 1 students.

Around the body, not too adventurous. Simply polosan red and white. But the colors for so cling, Spies Hacker selected paint, varnish-coated Autoglow.

 Yamaha mio air brush ModificationMio modifications to the concept of air brush, bodykit minimalist, landing with the Yoshimura logo, classic and winhield Vespa chrome rear view mirror, handgrif huricane, spur handlebar, CVT cover

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