Monday, September 14, 2009

Spesifikasi Aprilia NA 850 Mana

Aprilia NA 850 Mana Aprilia NA 850 Mana pic

The first motor was introduced at the International Motorcycle Exhibition (well the model was sene JMS) in Milan on 14-19 November 2006.

Aprilia NA 850 Mana is the Naked Bike washed-use features computer-controlled CVT automatic transmission. With this feature, Rider can select the drive with a fully automatic (available 3 modes: touring, sport and rainy conditions) or manually (with push button or foot-actuated) shifting with 7 speeds. The machine has a 850cc, 90 degree V-Twin engine, electronic fuel injection and dual-spark ignition.

ApriliaNA 850 Mana, using tubular chassis frame, with single-piece aluminum swingarm. By placing the gas tank under the seat rider, motor may have a place / large compartment yg yg fit to hold a full-face helmet (located in the traditional tanks)

Aprilia NA 850 Mana

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