Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Suzuki smash Sporty Modification

As traders modifications, Benny Wijaya have to up-date info about the newer components are again in. Because if not, surely he'll continue to miss.

"So, I subscribe to the magazine out. Especially from Thailand. Would not want, for a small cc bike, the country's gajah putih became mecca. Many orders come from the variation of the country, "explained Main Motor's retainer.

Options fall into duck Yamaha X-1. "Sporty, too minimalist. That's why I love the name Sumaha X-1 aka Suzuki Yamaha X-1, "said the man who address at Jl. Raden Saleh, No.6, Karang Tengah, Ciledug, Tangerang.

Gambar modifikasi suzuki smash

Mesh body X-1 to the Suzuki Smash is not too difficult. "Still there are a few extra. Therefore, different holder. For the body front and center, need to add bracket mounted on the engine block from side to side. Speedometer must be replaced also congenital X-1, as well as rear lights, "clearly this straight-haired man.

More sporty appearance along with the casting wheel rim applications alias crossbar. "Liability modif, so you just use disc brakes front and back," said Benny clarity.

Ciet devices also have used the back of a double disc. But that left nobody KALIPER kok? "This is just a variation," said Benny.


Front tires : Mizzle 80/80-17
Rear tires : Mizzle 90/80-17
Front-rear rim : Yoshi
Sok back : Gazi
Front disc : Yamaha TZM
Arm swing : Standard, chrome

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